The Choreographer

In 2000 Derevianko choreographed his own highly successful "Giselle", a particularly romantic version of the famous classic, and was also the mind behind the scenery designs. The following year he was invited to stage his "Giselle" for the ballet company in Osaka, Japan and obtained a significant success.

In the 2004/2005 season he produced a remarkably original version of "Don Quixote" and gave it a witty, albeit romantic, flavour. A comedy-ballet in which Derevianko himself dances the irresistible role of Gamache. "Don Quixote" was created by Derevianko in the full respect of the classical style, blended together with a touch of modern originality, the two elements which characterize his own artistic personality. In such a way he has been able to give this famous ballet a new dimension which cannot but be appreciated by the public.

In 2006 Derevianko reconstructed the choreography of "Chopiniana" at an evening entitled "Ballet Russes". He also devised the ideas for the ballet's new and original scenery and costumes, giving both a touch of poetry and modernity.

In 2010 Derevianko choreographed for the Opera House in Zagreb, his version of "Fille Malgardè".

In 2012 he created for the Opera Ballet School in Rome a symphony choreographed to music by Mozart.

In 2012 he restaged for the Opera Balet SNG Maribor “Fille malgardè"

In 2016 he restaged for the Academy of Dance AND in Rome the 40th Symphony by Mozart